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Whats the deal with coin shortage,

Early methods of dating coins in Europe are discussed and illustrated.

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Joseph Uphoff de Groot, Paul F. A brief history of currency reforms in Indonesia culminating in the reform of Joseph Uphoff Sandrock, John E.

Joseph Uphoff Smith, David Spencer. A fulus minted during the British occupation of Qandahar in showing whats the deal with coin shortage crown on the reverse is discussed and illustrated.

Joseph Uphoff. Joseph Uphoff Turfboer, Robert. V is briefly discussed along with a coin of Reinaud IV, minted in Gelderland. V is briefly discussed along with two jettons.

Joseph Uphoff Bertsch, Wolfgang. A symbol of freemasonry was placed on 1, 5, and 10 centimos coins inside a braille dot used to mark those denominations for the blind. Forgeries of Danish West Indies counterstamps are discussed and catalogued. Some varieties of 50 centime French coins dated are discussed and illustrated.

Some modern 50 gulden commemoratives are discussed and illustrated. Joseph Uphoff Hosch, Charles R. The author provides a brief history of Austria in the mid-late s including the evolution of the Maria Theresa Thaler as a trade coin. Coins minted in Central and South America between that comprise the Ibero-American series are discussed.

Joseph Uphoff Kraneveld, Peter. Reasons for a shortage of money throughout the 17th and 18th centuries in various colonies are provided. An overstrike of a Safavid coin at the Ottomon mint of Nakhjawan dated AH is discussed and illustrated. Joseph Uphoff Majewski, Arthur. The author discusses the reasons medals are given and illustrates a Russian medal issued for the Battle of Kalisz in Joseph Uphoff O'Harrow, David.

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A currency reform in is discussed along with resultant counterstamping. V and illustrates two medals and a jetton from that work.

Joseph Uphoff Baldus, Hans Roland. The author presents a virtually unknown commemorative pin issued by the Bavarian Numismatic Society in for the 6th meeting of German numismatists in Munich.

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It was designed by the Munich medallist Josef Bernhart, who also designed the pin of This hoard, as well as some others in the Raetian neighborhood is possibly evidence of an Allemanic raid.

There is also discussion of the propaganda of the types used for the issues of Severus Alexander and Maximinus Thrax.

Two denarii cannot be precisely identified, but certainly belong to the twelfth century. Levick and George Massamoreall prominent American numismatic collectors and dealers who served during the War between the States. Oliver D. Gonella, Robert. The author reviews the numismatic whats the deal with coin shortage, the literature, and the geographical situation of the city of Artemita.

He concludes that this city never had a Parthian mint, contradicting the positions of Sellwood and Shore. Artemita was of no importance in relation to trade routes and its coinage needs would have been met by the mints of Seleucia on the Tigris and Ecbatana. Bass Jr. A thorough review of 17 Seated Liberty dollar patterns designed between and in the Bass collection. Hoover Ingram, Gregory S. The author tells the story of a Canadian "dot" cent found in circulation in whats the deal with coin shortage the tests used to authenticate it almost thirty years later.

American Airlines Group Inc. AAL sta cercando di evitare la carenza attraverso la semplice economia - pagheranno di più i piloti. Le carenze pilota che American Airlines sta affrontando oggi sono nelle sue filiali o compagnie aeree feeder. Queste piccole compagnie aeree regionali hanno lo scopo di trasportare le persone verso i centri americani e sono state storicamente utilizzate come punto di ingresso per i piloti che sperano di poter essere un giorno impiegati da American Airlines.

Hoover Ish, Buell. The author reconstructs the events that may have led to the "gear toothed break", the impression of a rectangular object and part of the New Jersey copper horse head type that distinguish the three die states of Maris dd.

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Hoover Kellner, Hans-Jörg. Ein Würzburger Heimatfund aus dem Containing about denarii and obols of the twelfth century, the Randersacker hoard is one of the most important hoards of the period.

Today it is in the collection of the Staatliche Münzsammlung in Munich.

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The major part of the hoard is made up of coins of the bishops of Würzburg, from Embricho to Heroldalthogether pieces. A fiew pieces come from other mints: Bamberg 2Thuringia 4England 1and a further 15 unidentified coins. The author describes and comments upon all coin types in the hoard. The author publishes a medallion by the well-known artist Georg Schweigger, bearing the portrait of Willibald Pirckheimer, humanist from Nuremberg.

She further identifies a wax model used as the medallion's prototype.

Both pieces were acquired by the Munich Staatlichen Münzsammlung in The author publishes 29 weights from the Museo archeologico di Siracusa and an additional 59 weights from private collections, all from the late Roman to the Byzantine period. The author describes coins of the American colonial period and related series in the collections of the Bermuda Maritime Museum and the Bermuda Historical Society Museum. Hoover Overbeck, Mechtild.

The author publishes three Roman bone tokens and interprets the designs and inscriptions of these neglected but interesting objects. The exact function of these pieces is presently unclear.

An overview of tokens and exonumia related to U. Federal elections from to Hoover Schöntag, Wolfgang and Ruprecht Ziegler. The authors publish two medals by the die engraver Alois Börsch as a supplement to the material in Karl Gebhart's Alois Börsch.

Königlich bayerischer Münz- und Hofmedailleur, Munich, The medals are related to nos. Tameanko, Marvin.

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The author discusses the depiction of healing deities i. Hoover Weber, Klaus.

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The author publishes a previously unknown bronze coin from Tarsus in Cilicia, struck by the "senatorial emperors" Pupienus and Balbinus ca.

February to May of AD The author uses the types of this coin and others as supporting evidence for the account of the Historia Augusta in dicas de trader bitcoin Maximinus Thrax planned a counteroffensive against the Sasanian king Ardashir I.

After Maximinus' death in the civil war, Pupienus was compelled to continue his plans in the East, but his reign was too brief to bring the enterprise to a conclusion.

Coinage in the East indicated an expected imperial visit and the arrival of troops. Hoover Allan, Walter D. The vignette depicting two women used on notes printed by Rawdon, Wright, Hatch, and Edson is traced to a painting by A. The vignette crypto moneta a country girl holding a sheaf of grain engraved by Draper, Toppan, and Longacre is traced to a painting by J.

Hoover Bakes, James R. The author publishes a new sestertius of Marcus Aurelius with unusual obverse variety depicting the emperor laureate and with drapery on left shoulder. Hoover Brace, Dorte. Special attention is paid to the influence of European coinage on the development of the late coinage of the Byzantine Empire. Hoover Di Martino, Giuseppe.