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    We currently merch bitcoin 4 mining machine warehouses. Before each order is shipped, we will arrange a test to ensure that each performance meets the merch bitcoin requirements.

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    Our advantage? Safe transactions: transactions are made through Alibaba credit guarantee orders, and orders are made under the supervision of Alibaba, safe!

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    Mining machine inventory: a large number of new and second-hand spot inventory. Mining machine quality: Every mining machine is within the warranty period, and testing will be arranged before each mining machine is shipped to ensure that customers can use it normally.

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    Fast delivery: delivery within 5 days after receipt of payment too many orders every merch bitcoin, need to queue up for testing Uninterrupted service: hour fast response.

    The price of the mining machine changes every day, if you need to buy it, please contact customer service for the latest price The price of this product is a reference price! Please do not place an order directly. If you skip the communication with us and place an order directly, we will send the S9 mining machine to you.

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    After you receive the goods, we do not support refunds for any reason!