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Threat intelligence from Q1 revealed that This is just one of several signs that malicious crypto-mining malware is becoming a top tactic among cyber criminals. The complete report details delivery mechanisms for these crypto-miner attacks, and explores other prevalent security threats targeting small to midsize businesses SMBs and distributed enterprises today.

In fact, once again in Q1, we saw nearly half of all malware slip past basic signature-based antivirus solutions due to various obfuscation methods.

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One way every organization can become more secure against these sophisticated, evasive threats is to deploy defenses enabled with advanced malware prevention like our APT Blocker service. The findings are based on data from tens of thousands of active Firebox UTM appliances around the world.

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The top takeaways from the Q1 report include: Cryptocurrency miners are on the rise. Usually these droppers download a wide range of malware, but in Q1 The Ramnit trojan makes a comeback in Italy.

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Nearly all Since past versions of Linux crypto mining have targeted banking credentials, WatchGuard advises Italians to take extra precautions with their banking information and enable multi-factor authentication for any financial accounts. For the first time, APAC reports the highest malware volume.

The vast majority of these attacks were Windows-based malware and 98 percent were aimed at India and Singapore. Nearly half of all malware eludes basic antivirus AV solutions.

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WatchGuard UTM appliances block malware using both legacy signature-based detection techniques and a modern, proactive behavioral detection solution - APT Blocker. This zero day malware a term for malware that is able to evade traditional signature-based AV accounted for 46 percent of all malware in Q1. This level of zero day malware suggests that criminals are continuing to use obfuscation techniques to beat traditional AV services, emphasizing the importance of behavior-based defenses.

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Mimikatz targets the US, skips Asia Pacific. Two thirds of the detection of this malware was in the United States and under 0. Each week, they will analyze the methods and techniques behind the latest hacks, attacks, and breaches.

For more information, linux crypto mining the full report here.

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  • Mining bitcoin cos'è ? Scegli il giusto software per minare BTC