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It covers over 30k companies, shows more than data points per company, has more than 80 sources for newswires and reports and features 5. See Fundamentals Explorer Fractional Ibkr lite open account With the introduction of fractional shares, Interactive Brokers created Cash Quantity Stock Orders, which let clients placer orders in a specific dollar amount instead of specifying the number of shares - eliminating the need to pull out a calculator.

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See OptionTrader Options Portfolio Options Portfolio continuously and efficiently scours market data for low-cost option strategies to bring a portfolio in line with user-defined objectives for the Greek risk dimensions Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega. See Options Portfolio Mobile Options Trading Exercise options wherever you are with our new mobile option exercise tool. Choose a strategy and then simply tap different tiles in the grid to quickly change the legs that are part of the strategy.

See Mobile Options Trading Options Analytics Manipulate key option pricing criteria — including price, time and implied volatility — and visualize the impact on premiums. See Options Analytics Options Strategy Lab Generate potentially profitable stock and option combinations, based on your forecast for stock and ETF prices, market volatility and other market variables.

See Options Strategy Lab Probability Lab Redefine the price and volatility outlook for an underlying stock or ETF, and identify potentially profitable options strategies, based on that view. See Ibkr lite open account Lab Futures Tools ComboTrader Create proprietary combination order strategies or choose from multiple templates with pre-defined programs to execute futures trades.

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See SpreadTrader Index Arbitrage Meter Analyze index arbitrage strategies with the Index Arbitrage Meter, our measurement tool that illustrates the spread between futures contracts and their respective spot prices. See Index Arbitrage Meter Bond Search Tool IBKR offers low and fully transparent commissions on bonds, with no mark-up on bond prices, and provides access to a full universe of US government securities, corporate bonds, municipal securities, CDs, and non-US sovereign bonds, plus fixed income futures and fixed income options.

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This is one of the easiest ways to get pricing on bonds, rather than calling around to various brokerages. Over 7, funds are available with no transaction fees.

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The Mutual Fund Search Tool can be used to identify funds by your country of residence, commission charged, fund type or fund family. See Mutual Fund Search Tool Portfolio Management Tools PortfolioAnalyst PortfolioAnalyst is a robust performance reporting tool that lets you see the performance of all your financial accounts in one place on any desktop or mobile device.

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You can quickly link your investment, checking, savings, annuity, incentive plan and credit card accounts held at almost any financial institution. You can see summary values at a glance for each individual financial institution or consolidated across all financial institutions and different time periods, including current and prior balances, return percentage, and percent change in value.

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The tool also lets you drill down to view positions and transactions by account or by asset class. PortfolioAnalyst is also avaiable as a standalone product for non-clients.

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Standalone PortfolioAnalyst is also free. The tools shows how much money people could potentially save or earn if they had an Interactive Brokers account. See PortfolioAnalyst Portfolio Checkup Portfolio Checkup is an easy-to-use online portfolio analysis tool that provides people with a single page analysis of their current financial situation.

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This tool is also free for clients and non-clients. With Portfolio Checkup, investors can: Measure performance against industry ibkr lite open account or their custom benchmarks and toggle between money and time weighted returns with the click of a mouse.

Understand their portfolio exposure by geography, sector and asset class.

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This lets investors get an accurate, granular picture of their overall exposure to asset classes, industry sectors, and companies. See IB Ibkr lite open account Navigator Portfolio Builder Create an investment strategy driven by top-tier research and fundamentals data, then back-test and adjust as needed. When historical performance meets your expectations, invest in the strategy and tracks its performance in your portfolio.

Construct a custom ibkr lite open account of financial instruments, and then trade this model on behalf of your clients. See Model Portfolios IBot IBot is an Artificial Intelligence-powered resource that provides access to a wide spectrum of information, account data and trading tools.

With IBot you can speak or type plain English commands to: trade stocks, options, futures, currencies and bonds get quick account information and manage your account get detailed quotes, run advanced scanners, see charts and fundamentals get fast answers to common issues and questions that previously had to be answered by Client Services IBot can respond to:.