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What should parents and caregivers keep in mind when attending class? Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when attending our music classes: 1 You may arrive up to 15 minutes before your class time. However, taking videos is not allowed.

This is to ensure the privacy of other families in class.

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Adults are strongly encouraged to wear socks in class. The studio is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. This allows us time for cleaning and prepping in between classes as well as for the next class to arrive. What is the right age to start learning music? At MusiBambino, we believe in starting musical education as early as possible.

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What is the age range of classes? All classes are carefully composed of appropriate age groups: months, years, years, years and years.

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We believe that this approach benefits the learning process. Personal development of each child is our concern.

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Therefore, our teachers carefully watch their involvement and participation in class and give feedback to parents during and at the end of the semester. How long are the classes?

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Classes are 40 minutes long. How often do classes meet? Each group is scheduled for classes once a week.

Winter/Summer 2021 March 22 to August 21

Some children enjoy music so much that they register for classes two or more times a week. Can I be present in class?

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Parents or caregivers are required to be present in music class. Can I participate in music activities? We welcome and strongly encourage you to interact along with your child.

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Your child has more fun when you learn together, and it can be even more enjoyable to repeat the games, songs and movements at home. Am I allowed to bring older or younger siblings to class?

While we recommend that children attend an age-appropriate class, we are willing to work with parents to accommodate their needs. Again, please check the office to avoid overcrowding. Siblings over 8 months old should also be registered in the program. Can I bring other family members to class? Please check with the office beforehand to make sure that there are no additional students scheduled in the same time slot.

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We try not to overcrowd classes and make sure that all children are comfortable. What if I believe my child is advanced for his age and should be fuga da tarkov bitcoin trades the next age level group? At the time of registration, you may request to be enrolled in an older age group.

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If you discover it in the course of the semester, you may offer to be transferred to a different group upon availability, your teacher can advise you on the appropriate class. What if we missed the beginning of the semester? Enrolling mid-semester will not affect the results of our program.

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Please call the office; we will be happy to accommodate your child if your preferred group has an available fuga da tarkov bitcoin trades.

Tuition will be prorated through the end of the semester. Do I have to enroll my child for the full year?

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There are usually 13 to 16 classes in each semester depending on the calendar. You may register for one semester at a time.

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When is the right time to re-register for the next semester? Our office is ready to take registrations approximately one month before the start of the new semester.

We usually issue a friendly reminder to our families to let them know it is time to reenroll. Registering early will ensure your child a spot in your desired class.

If the desired class is full, does my child have a chance to be enrolled in the future?

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Please call the office and ask them to include your child on the Waiting List, indicating possible choices.