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Il lancio della nuova impostazione di questo Blog a temi, e con un nuovo layout è stato rinviato al secondo trimestre in ragione della rapidissima evoluzione della situazione dei mercati finanziari nel mese di gennaio.

In aggiunta, oggi le occasioni per gli investitori sono le più grandi di una generazione. Vediamo come.

doug kass bitcoin

The recent boom and bust of GameStop shares are a wake-up call to policymakers that world markets and economies are precariously positioned, and pose serious risks to political stability.

The US is patient zero for this sickness and as the US goes, so too will much of the world. GameStop illustrates clearly that capital markets are driven by flows and investor positioning, rather than by the underlying fundamentals of businesses.

The primary causes of this market dysfunction are the prevalence of passive investing and leverage enabled by low interest rates.

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The combination has resulted in grotesque distortions of capital doug kass bitcoin while further bifurcating society into haves and have nots. The increasingly obvious fact is we do not know whether the government will be able to perpetually bail out markets.

With interest rates already hovering around 0 per cent, the traditional levers of monetary policy may not be able to rescue markets and prevent another depression. It soared by 23 times within 11 trading days as those who had bet the price would fall were forced to buy shares to cover their obligations.

One factor that doug kass bitcoin the GameStop squeeze so profound was passive ownership. About one quarter of the available shares were owned by passive investors. These funds run on autopilot. As new money comes in, it is allocated to keep a constant balance among a specific combination of individual stocks or other assets. These same phenomena are a big part of the Tesla stock story. Recommended Markets InsightRobin Wigglesworth A theory of almost everything for financial markets The distortion of prices caused by the growth of passive has only recently been fully understood, thanks to the work by Michael Green of Logica Funds and a growing number of academics.

The multiplier occurs because the number of shares available is smaller than the total number of shares outstanding, and a buyer must often pay a premium to induce a shareholder to sell. Passive funds have a much greater impact on prices because active investors can be patient in deploying their capital and are sensitive to the prices they pay. Passive funds have little discretion whether and at what price to buy — they must buy if they have inflows.

doug kass bitcoin

So long as such funds have inflows, they do not sell. Leverage linked to low interest rates turbocharges these unhealthy dynamics. Balanced funds are forced to buy stocks because their bonds have risen in value. Pensions and endowments are forced into equities to replace lost yield.

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Cheap money leading to excessive speculation contributed to the s dotcom bubble, the s housing bubble, and now the stonk bubble. The real risk to markets is that passive flows go negative if widespread lay-offs lead workers and employers to cut their K contributions.

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If that were to happen, passive fund doug kass bitcoin would quickly overwhelm the market. Such a crash could resemble in magnitude but at speed. We should not ignore the societal impacts of bubbles.

Their most insidious result is the transfer of wealth from the many to the few.

doug kass bitcoin

Societies face dark years while they try to navigate the disenfranchisement generated by inequality. We must find a way to deleverage our economies and markets. We live in a time when governments seem to doug kass bitcoin the will and competence to do hard things; but the results of delay are not pretty. Abbiamo scritto sopra, per una ennesima volta, che oggi non è possibile fare scelte vincenti, per il proprio portafoglio titoli, senza tenere conto dei cambiamenti che hanno interessato il modo doug kass bitcoin funzionare, ed anche le strutture ed i flussi, dei mercati finanziari.

doug kass bitcoin

Per voi lettori mercati btc tempo di elaborazione Blog, abbiamo selezionato invece un secondo articolo del Financial Times, che noi vi mettiamo a disposizione qui di seguito.

La frase che chiude questo articolo potrebbe risultare della massima, massima utilità, per la gran parte dei piccoli e medi investitori al dettaglio, oggi.

Il lancio della nuova impostazione di questo Blog a temi, e con un nuovo layout è stato rinviato al secondo trimestre in ragione della rapidissima evoluzione della situazione dei mercati finanziari nel mese di gennaio. In aggiunta, oggi le occasioni per gli investitori sono le più grandi di una generazione. Vediamo come. The recent boom and bust of GameStop shares are a wake-up call to policymakers that world markets and economies are precariously positioned, and pose serious risks to political stability.

The era of commission-free trading has driven a relentless race among US brokers to defend their market share, fuelling a trading frenzy that has set off alarm bells among veteran investors and analysts.

The sector has transformed more rapidly over the past 18 months than at any point since the dotcom boom two decades ago, analysts say.

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Covid lockdowns and government policy also encouraged the rush. Trading in derivatives like options, which tends to be riskier than buying equities outright with cash, has also jumped in the past 12 months as it became easier for retail traders to participate.

The already hyper-competitive brokerage industry was shaken up by the arrival of Robinhood, co-founded by Vlad Doug kass bitcoin in The start-up boasted free trading and a slick user experience, and while a sprint to the bottom on fees was already under way, platforms rushed to slash rates to zero.

Losing commissions forced brokers to make up the difference on revenue streams such as earning fees from Wall Street firms in return for sending trades to them.

Blog — Recce'd - Capire per investire

This incentivises platforms to encourage more trading activity, market participants say. That has come at a cost, Kelleher added. Line chart of Net open equity call positions, million contracts showing Retail traders' bullish bets in US options market have risen sharply The development of ever-slicker trading apps, which allow users to rapidly buy and sell stocks and options with just a tap, have made it easier than ever to invest, further doug kass bitcoin friction in stock trading.

Un cambiamento che investe diverse categorie di operatori finanziari, dalle piattaforme per acquistare e vendere titoli, agli operatori che gestiscono i Fondi Comuni, ai quali si riferiva più in alto Carson Block. Che è risultata essere proprio questo Post. For some analysts, it is also the perfect way to describe the pervasive, under-appreciated effect that passive investing is having on markets.

Quantitative-orientated investors seeing their models fizzle? Equity valuations at illogical highs? Imperious stockpickers reduced to impotent dunces?

doug kass bitcoin

Odd movements in the bowels of markets? Supposedly idiosyncratic securities moving together like they are doing a tango?

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  • Ma, in ogni ciclo di mercato, il fossato dell'investitore dominante ad esempio ARK è considerato impenetrabile: che i loro beni in gestione non passeranno mai di moda, o non potranno mai pagare troppo per gli investimenti costitutivi della strategia e che il loro stile, come alberi da investimento, cresceranno e saliranno verso il cielo.

The weird phenomenon of most stock market gains happening overnight rather than during the trading day? All this and more can be laid at the feet of the swelling tide of passive investing, according to a band of sceptics informally spearheaded by Michael Green, chief strategist at Logica Capital Advisers.

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The arguments are compelling enough doug kass bitcoin warrant examination. It is true that the indices that passive funds track have over time morphed from being supposedly neutral snapshots of markets into something that actually exerts power over them, thanks to the growth of passive investing. Mr Green argues that this helps explain why active managers are actually seeing their performance worsen as passive investing grows. The more money index funds garner, the better their holdings do in exact proportion to their weighting, and the harder it is for traditional discretionary investors to keep up.

The broader growth trend also partly underpins rising valuations. The average fund manager typically holds about per cent of assets in cash, doug kass bitcoin a buffer against investor outflows or to take advantage of opportunities that doug kass bitcoin arise.

But index funds are fully invested. Today it is closer to the full buck.

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Given the trillions doug kass bitcoin dollars that have gushed into cash-lean index funds, it leads to a secular increase in valuations, Mr Green argues. Moreover, as indices are weighted by size, the rise in passive investing mostly benefits stocks that are already on the rise. This makes the equity market increasingly top-heavy as the big become bigger.

Many index funds do their buying in the closing auction. Nonetheless, the argument that passive investing has become a nefarious force wrecking the natural order of markets is still far-fetched. It is plausibly a factor in many phenomena, but disentangling it from the multitude of far greater forces at work is impossible.