Documentazione Cointracking - Come iniziare a usare CoinTracking

Conferme btc di tradesatoshi

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Changelog registro delle modifiche 5. ECRC20 are those of the coin with symbol only the characters before the dot e. This mostly helps the CoinPayments adapter. Is now fixed.

Fixes double-spends with Monero or Conferme btc di tradesatoshi forks on slow wallets. Fix: In some situations, email notifications to admins about transaction verifications were not being sent.

conferme btc di tradesatoshi

This is now fixed. Change: By default, withdrawals are now executed once, for extra safety. This number of retries can be changed in the cron job settings.

Documentazione Cointracking - Come iniziare a usare CoinTracking

Some data from other blogs was previously not shown. Fix: Typo in documentation. Add: Link to pre-release notes for the upcoming Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets 6. The original way to store data was to always maintain one set of tables for all the sites in a network. See release notes for details. Allows for USDT. Affects new installs. Add: The debug tab in the admin dashboard now reports the type of Object Cache that is currently active.

conferme btc di tradesatoshi

Improve: In the coin adapters list, the withdrawal lock icon is now accompanied by conferme btc di tradesatoshi. This solves issues where the combination of font and screen antialiasing makes the state of the padlock difficult to read.

conferme btc di tradesatoshi

Fix: When full node adapter RPC settings are saved, the cached value of the adapter status is evicted, forcing an immediate refresh of the adapter status in the admin screens. Add: New column in coin adapters list indicates max block height up to which the wallet is synced for compatible coin adapters.

Fix: Coingecko exchange rates are now loaded with asynchronous buffering, to prevent high memory usage. An API key is now required, no longer optional.

Add: Map files for minified knockout-validation. Fix: Undefined warning in dashboard prevented TX count totals from being shown, is now fixed.

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Fix: Warning shown in logs when stats on previous cron run were not available, is now fixed. Fix: When plugin is NOT network-activated on a multisite installation, the cron job trigger URL now displays the correct sub-site domain.

Fix: Transaction summaries dashboard widget, introduced in version 5. Change: Upgraded included library knockout. Change: Upgraded included library bs58check.

conferme btc di tradesatoshi

Change: When plugin is network-activated, the Admin Transactions list screen displays domains without a trailing slash. Improve: The template loader introduced in 5. Change: The JavaScript code that detects HTML comments that have been stripped by minifiers now outputs to the browser console, not alert box.

Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets

It is now blank, which sets the size automatically to match the container. Fix: Incompatibility with Two Factor Authentication plugin that was originally fixed in 4.

Fix: Remove unminified copy of jQuery UI stylesheet. Fix: A CSS issue previously made it impossible to remove wallet widgets from the admin widget area, on desktop screens.

Dopo aver salvato la tua prima trade, essa appare nella Tabella delle Trades. Hai appena inserito la tua prima trade. Puoi modificare tutte le tue operazioni direttamente nella tabella, oppure selezionato una trade e cliccando su Modifica. Clicca Inserisci o la freccia per salvare le modifiche.

Use theme templates instead to provide your custom markup. Add: The border radius of UIs corner roundness can now be controlled in Customizer. Add: Admin dashboard widget now shows multiple tabs with statistics on recent conferme btc di tradesatoshi.

Add: When the plugin is network-active across a multisite install, the admin transactions list shows extra column Site. Improve: Better integration with Simple History plugin.

Transactions are now logged with clearer information, including links to user profiles and block explorers. Add: The third-party service coincap. Improve: In admin transactions list screen, amounts are now in fixed-font and align vertically for easier conferme btc di tradesatoshi inspection. Improve: For Bitcoin-like adapters, the RPC secret is not shown in the markup, but bullets are shown instead.

Improves security. Fix: Adapters for fiat coins are no longer shown in the cold storage section, as these adapters are not backed by wallets. Useful for testing using testnet. Improve: When creating database tables for the first time, the WordPress default is used for character collation and encoding. Helps determine exchange rates in low liquidity markets.

conferme btc di tradesatoshi

Improves usability. Improve: The plugin conferme btc di tradesatoshi now warn the user in the frontend if HTML comments have been minified, as this is a common pitfall for new users. Improve: In the debug tab of the admin dashboard, memory values are now shown with thousand separators and units bytes for easier visual inspection.

This is a fail-safe mechanism that detects transactions that would otherwise slip through undetected if curl calls from walletnotify were to fail for any reason. Fix: Issue in email notifications for deposits, where the fees would not be shown correctly, is now fixed.

Add: The cron-related debug information from the admin dashboard is now also shown in the admin cron job settings screen for easier reference. Change: Tradesatoshi is removed from list of Exchange Rate providers as the service is shut down.

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Change: JavaScript assets are now loaded only in pages where they are needed. Improves frontend performance.

Fix: Issue with writing out CSVs when exporting transactions is now fixed. Fix: In admin adapters screen, sorting by pending withdrawals no longer triggers a warning in the debug logs. Fix: The plugin now correctly calculates amount of wallet balance that is unavailable due to staking in more wallets, including PotCoin and Dash.

conferme btc di tradesatoshi

Fix: Some error messages that get printed only to the debug log are no bitcoin trading a durban translatable.

Prevents admins from being locked out. Improve: Admin menu icon follows style guide more closely is a data-uri encoded SVG. Add: Italian translations for frontend, submitted by Fabio Perri, webnetsolving gmail. Add: User balances can now be sorted by balance and coin.

Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets – Plugin WordPress | Italia

Fix: Affiliate link to trezor was broken in cold storage pages, now fixed. Improve: Attempt to disable PHP max execution time while importing transactions from csv files. Btc rsi help with importing very large files. Fix: When cron job selects old transactions to cancel, it now takes the local timezone into account.

Fix: When cron job selects old transactions to autoconfirm, it now takes the local timezone into account. Fix: When cron job selects old transactions to aggregate, it now takes the local timezone into account.

Questa informazione non è un suggerimento o consiglio su come investire in finanziamenti ICO. Si prega di indagare approfonditamente le informazioni rilevanti da soli e decidere sulla partecipazione ICO. Se pensi che ci siano problemi o problemi da correggere su questo contenuto, o se desideri inviare il tuo progetto ICO da elencare, per favore inviaci un'email.

Improve: Included knockout. Fix: Included moment.

Indirizzo Bitcoin e Importazione Wallet

Improve: Variable substitutions are now more uniform between confirmations and notifications. Add: The recommended. Is on by conferme btc di tradesatoshi, can be turned off e.

Only unconfirmed transactions can now be confirmed via the confirmation link. Add: New option to send a Bcc copy of all emails to the admin s. Avoids some JavaScript errors.