Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures Settled in Bitcoin Overtakes Cash Settlement

Cme bitcoin futures expiration date 2021, Live prices

A che ora scadono le opzioni su Bitcoin

Marc van der Chijs about bitcoin Who are the buyers and how do they buy their bitcoin? What to do if the crypto currency rises to unreal amounts?

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This episode was made possible by: Kneaking, Coinmotion and Bitcoin Master. Interview by Wessel Simons.

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Van der Chijs expects that with the breaking of the psychological barrier of 20, dollars bitcoin will become more attractive for large parties. The market is really changing and becoming more professional.

Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures Settled in Bitcoin Overtakes Cash Settlement

Institutions and financial institutions are now stepping in en masse, and these are no longer the pioneers, but the early followers. They no longer run the risk of losing their jobs because of bitcoin and that is an important difference with There was adderi bitcoin gratis cme bitcoin futures expiration date 2021 custodian in the market then and there is now.

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One of the trends that will continue is that funds will exchange their gold for bitcoin. But if you like it, we will expand. Other insurers also think: that is what we want too.

That will partly be at the expense of gold. According to Van der Chijs, the price action has only just begun. People who sold under 20, do not understand the market.

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He makes a comparison with the market ofwhen the market was also approaching after the halving that year. It compares with the situation at the end of It has also accelerated the adoption of bitcoin, according to Van der Chijs. Governments have created a lot of new debts and that cannot be reversed. One of their solutions is inflation, in order not to let the debts run up.

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But it is not sustainable for the euro and dollar in the long term. Previously it was gold and now bitcoin has become a store of value.

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Covid has speeded that up, but institutions had stepped in anyway. Future music Over the next few years, the rate of the crypto currency will continue to fluctuate, but will increase as larger institutions and funds retain their currencies for a long time. They want to have bitcoin in their portfolio.

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  • Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures Settled in Bitcoin Overtakes Cash Settlement
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It is purely the scarcity that leads to digital scarcity. I expect a Blackrock to enter at a market value of USD 5, billion. The more it becomes worth, the more likely it is that large companies will enter or expand their existing position.

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That pushes the price up again, so that is why I stick to my bitcoin. A David Rosenberg and others are in their own bubble and have simply missed bitcoin.