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California bitcoin law. Osborne Clarke al LegalTech Forum di Bologna

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At least, not in Finland, where it is now officially a digital commodity -- not a currency. This is an important definition, as alternate currencies develop in the Scandinavian state. The store, Levykauppa Äx, accepts bitcoins as payment and is known for its experimental marketing california bitcoin law.

Finland is the most recent country to weigh in on how to treat bitcoins.

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Germany ruled last year that bitcoin can be considered private money, while China banned financial institutions from dealing with the tender. In the Scandinavian area, Norway also deemed bitcoin a non-currency. California bitcoin law has made no statement confirming or denying cryptocurrencies, while lawmakers are looking to advisers as they determine how to proceed.

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The U. Internal Revenue Service has still not given specific guidelines as to how to proceed federally with the currency, and individual states are also meeting to discuss the handling of bitcoin. While Finland has declared it a commodity, Finns can still use it to pay for goods and services. Additionally, any income generated via capital gains is taxed, though losses are not deductible, and bitcoin mining gains are taxable as income.

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