It is the Stock to Flow model that gives us the bitcoin price forecast.

Bitcoin stock value,

Bitcoin To $100k: Possible or is This Model Wrong?? 🤔

Ti è piaciuto l'articolo? Price of bitcoin at ,? Passed Halving unscathed?

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I hope so! At this point the questions we ask about the future of bitcoin are many, all legitimate and no obvious answers, indeed!

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Because predicting the trend of bitcoins is perhaps impossible, there are bitcoin stock value many variables starting from what will be the role of the Miners, to finish at the degree of adoption, increasingly necessary. I asked myself then if there is an indicator that allows or has allowed to trace the value of the price during these years, a reliable track that preserves a historical record and maybe make us imagine the future of the price of BTC, linked to production, its scarcity and the adoption index.

Yes, it exists! The Bitcoin network has been generating blocks continuously since January bitcoin stock value, and the reward for mining was initially 50 bitcoins BTC In other words, from theblock on, the reward is halved to 25 BTC, then from theblock new Halving the reward increases to The last Bitcoin extracted, will be delivered to us by the algorithm in the yearand exactly when a total of 21 million BTC will have been minted.

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STOCK to FLOW Stock-to-flow ratios are used to estimate the current stock of a commodity total amount currently available compared to the new production flow tradingview btc eur kraken extracted in that specific year.

The higher the bitcoin stock value, the higher the price.

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Stock-to-Flow, therefore considers bitcoin as a raw material, conditioned by scarcity. The supply rate, given the recent and expected future halving, keeps the value constantly low, giving bitcoin the nickname of digital gold, scarce even to exist.

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The stock-to-flow ratios are therefore used to evaluate the current stock of a commodity, compared to the flow of new production. Bitcoin stock value different color gradient, indicates the number of days missing to the next Halving, as indicated on the Y axis to the right of the graph.

Stock is therefore not a magic metric.

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