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Bitcoin futures trading ha fermato. La risposta di BitMEX

Throughout the past 24 ore, Bitcoin has continuously rejected at that level.

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Prior to the correction, the Bitcoin futures funding rate was hovering at over 0. The futures funding rate is a mechanism that balances the market by rewarding buyers when the market is majority short and sellers when the market is majority long.

Quattro problemi con Bitcoin Futures

In the Bitcoin futures market, the average funding rate is 0. This means that long contract holders have to pay 0.

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Because the market was overleveraged for such a long time, when the first big drop happened, the price of Bitcoin began to plummet as consecutive liquidations occurred. Following the drop, the futures market has become significantly less heated, and most derivatives products have normalized after seeing a rise in interest.

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This increases the probability of a renewed rally in the foreseeable future. This is mainly why Bitcoin saw a large reaction from buyers on Coinbase and other major U. Primo, several mainstream media publications have reported that U. Primo, it would further legitimize Bitcoin as an established asset class and a store of value.

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Secondo, it would enable accredited investors and institutions to reliably invest in Bitcoin. Attualmente, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and the Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund are some of the go-to institutional vehicles to invest in cryptocurrencies, incluso Bitcoin. Grayscale has reported a significant increase in demand in recent months.

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A gennaio. If institutions were the main driver of the recent Bitcoin rally, new inflows into GBTC could result in a newfound uptrend in the near term. Quello che viene dopo?

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I think we have found the local bottom bitcoin futures trading ha fermato now. This could indicate that the retail demand for cryptocurrencies in the South Korean market has cooled down slightly following the correction. Bitcoin has been trading lower on Coinbase as well, which is unusual, as it has been consistently higher than Binance throughout the rally.

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Idealmente, for the bull trend to resume, the premium on both South Korean exchanges and Coinbase would have to return. Blocciamo gli annunci!