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Video of the speeches President.

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Jeppe Kofod, Rapporteur. We conclude many years of work of this Parliament fighting against tax evasion, tax avoidance and financial crimes.


What we have before us is the most comprehensive work done to date by this Parliament in fighting tax evasion and financial crimes and also tax avoidance. Take the example of tax evasion and avoidance: it costs about EUR 1 trillion a year.

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That means EUR per European citizen per year — money that has to go to hospitals, to schools, to ensure that our society has money for the weakest and miglior corso trading forex most vulnerable people.

Tax is stolen, is actually stolen from the most vulnerable people. So, therefore, this fight is so important.

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In the European Union we bitcoin commercio schweiz steuern the biggest single market. We are attracting a lot of money and business, but at the same time, we are not effective in stopping financial crimes and money laundering.

Dirty Russian money, a lot of money is coming into our single market without proper detection or prevention, but also without proper law enforcement and also without proper sanctions of the institutions and banks that let us down when we see big money laundering scandals. In my own country we had the scandal of Danske Bank where money flew through a branch in Estonia, up to EUR billion of suspected money, a lot probably laundered from, for example, Russian oligarchs or criminals, into our single market.

We have to detect it and stop it much better.

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Therefore, in this work we have a lot of good recommendations. First of all, having an effective minimum corporate taxation in Europe is really what we need now in our single market to stop the race to the bottom on corporate taxation.

Secondly, we need to end harmful cross-border tax practices by Member States.

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Some Member States are facilitating this but they should stop doing this, we should have fair taxes in Europe. This is a threat to our financial and economic stability.

For bitcoin commercio schweiz steuern, we need a centralised Financial Intelligence Unit FIU that could cooperate and ensure that our national law enforcement really implemented the anti-money laundering legislation we have adopted in this Parliament.

We have a problem of implementation. We also see that when the biggest corporations on this earth, the tech giants, are doing good business here, creating a lot of value in their interaction with European users, they do not pay fair taxes on the value they create.

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We need to also call on them to pay fair taxes and we need legislation to ensure that that happens. We need a common, consolidated corporate tax base. We need transparency, so we need country-by-country reporting when it comes to corporate taxes so we can also see whether they behave in a socially responsible way.

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And we need our countries, our Member States, to ensure that they follow the standards they should. But, if you applied some of the same criteria that we use on third countries on European Member States will see that some of them fall short. They also facilitate aggressive tax planning and that had to stop — our own government has to stop this practice that is harming their neighbour, even in the European Union.

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Therefore, I bitcoin commercio schweiz steuern before us we have a very good and comprehensive report but I have to say that a lot has to be done in the future as well. Therefore, I also call for a more permanent structure in this Parliament to deal with taxation and financial crimes. We want to be successful, we want to continue our work. Thank you for your attention.